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Absolutely Costa Rica offers discounted flights from all over the U.S. to Costa Rica and Latin America. The following are just an example of some of the airfares we have to offer to San José, Costa Rica. *Fares do not include tax.

Departure City:
Starting at:
Los Angeles
Kansas City
New York
Washington (Dulles)

Please reconfirm all flights at least 48 hours before departure and return.
Print out itinerary that includes E-Ticket number and confirmation.
Valid passports are required for all international travel.
Positive ID required at time of check-in.
Please arrive at least two hours before your departure
due to increased security measures.

Penalties for any changes start at $200.

Luggage allowance includes one (1) free checked piece of luggage not exceeding 62" in diameter and not exceeding 50 pounds in weight and one (1) carry on bag not exceeding 45" in diameter and not exceeding 40 pounds in weight. Please inquire with individual airlines for applicable baggage allowance and restrictions.

There is a $29 departure tax when departing Costa Rica payable in US Dollars, colones or with a credit card.

Please contact your local Costa Rican Consulate for visa requirements.

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January 1, 2003
ALL U.S. and Canadian
citizens will need passports
to enter Costa Rica, just
as all other nationalities do.
From a legal and security standpoint, Costa Rica's
Immigration has decided
to make the tourist card

U.S. and Canadian citizens
WILL NO LONGER be able to enter Costa Rica with a birth certificate and valid photo identification.

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