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The Golfo Dulce Lodge in Southern Costa Rica is surrounded by undisturbed primary rainforest and the National Park Piedras Blancas


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Amazon: Birds of Costa Rica
The rainforest and the wildlife at the Golfo Dulce Lodge will make a long lasting impression to all visitors.

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Scarlet Macaws at Golfo Dulce Lodge

Hiking in the jungle at Golfo Dulce Lodge private reserve

The Golfo Dulce Lodge is surrounded by the undisturbed primary lowland rainforest of Piedras Blancas National Park and the clear waters of the Golfo Dulce. The lodge consists of more than 300 hectares (750 acres) of untouched environment away from tourist crowds.

The various ecosystems and the abundance of wildlife will leave a long lasting impression for nature and animal lovers alike. Adjacent to the extensive lodge grounds, Zoo Ave maintains a release station for rescued and formerly domesticated Scarlet Macaw's, thus an encounter with that magic bird is almost guaranteed. Another attraction within walking distance is "Casa Orchideas", one of Costa Rica's most complete orchid collections.

Whether you are here to hike in the jungle, to watch birds or just to relax, the Swiss host awaits you with a warm welcome. To ensure that there is no negative impact on the environment, the Golfo Dulce Lodge functions under ecological principals.

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